Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Go solo with iPhone 5, Flexible Protection case

This new trendy case with its with vibrant colors has had head turns. The SOLO boasts about the attractive color and full body protection.

The body has an advanced form of fitting onto the phone, to give perfect fit and grip with its long lasting features. It has a new generation thermopolymer type material.

The case has a frontal bumpers so as to protect the phone when it is faced down ensuring no scratches to the body or screen. Also the case is designed in such a way that it does not feel like something extra and bulgy being added to a slim device, nor obstructs the user experience.
The SOLO Advantage :
Made from Non-Toxic Thermopolymer
No Antenna Interference
Highly Flexible and Durable
Effective Shock Absorption
Scratch Resistant
Highly Protective
Embedded Anti-microbial protection

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  1. I couldn’t adjust to the previous case i had with the iphone..a black one..making it look really dull and sour. Now my iphone 5 has become the most trending looking phone in the whole campus. Cheers!