Thursday, 5 September 2013

Heat your Feet!!

There has been every type of apparel to keep you warm from the cold weather. Thick jackets, puffy pants, scarfs, hoods and a lot more. Still you feel the shiver inside you, have you noticed why?
Its your feet! Wearing ordinary shoes or gumboots dont keep your feet from freezing, because they are not meant to keep your feet warm. They are just to protect your feet.
So what should you do to keep your feet warm? Rush home and stand near a chimney fire?
Or rub your feet till they feel good.

No , the answer is just below.

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles is a new innovation in latest technology. It keeps your feet and toes warm even in extreme cold conditions. The best part is you can wear them to work or even play. Running doesnt effect the performance.
The insoles is wireless and the heat can be controlled with a remote control. It uses embedded rechargeable litium-ion batteries.

The insole can be controlled to a temperate set on the remote for HIGH and medium. They are designed to keep the feet at optimized temperature. Once its heated to the desired level , it turns off itself and will turn back on when required.

The Insole fits directly into any of your shoes and turn it into a mini furnace.
The insole is water resistant too!

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  1. Being biased I literally nearly laughed out at the idea of having an oven inside my feet so i decided to test this new simple or rather complex technology. To the horror of my bad dream it actually works..I just had the moment to take back the thoughts of curses i had given it earlier.