Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Microsoft Surface 2 tablet

Finally Microsoft has put down its forces to some use. After the fail of first ever tablet series they pulled up their socks to make another series , a part 2 a new way of presenting power into a small packed device.
Tablets are taking over the world of desktops and have put a line between them to distinguish that it actually can perform better at some aspects considering its size and compact nature.
Though the price of these tabs should be very high, this time Microsoft made a perfect tablet to suite average budget as well.

Introducing the New and improved version of the surface, SURFACE 2 and SURFACE PRO 2!

Microsoft now says, DO. MORE. boasting of these new sublime beasts to be the most productive tablets on the planet! There is no denying this for now, at-least till apple decide to run down another ipad with Tegra 4 processor? Joking.

Lets dive a bit deeper into the specs shall we hinting you'll must already be on your toes.

We already know whats in the older version of the tablets, so The Surface 2 has some things new, or should i say a lot of new things.

The the kickstand which has been very useful in the past to hold the Windows 8 beauty of a UI at an inclined position has just got better. It now gives you 2 different positions to adjust to, to suite best for your needs.

Battery has been improved like amazingly , giving you 10Hrs raw backup to use the whole day.All this and still as light as 675.9 g (1.49 lb)

Get amazing covers for the Surface 2 and some nice lightweight keyboards that you can use anywhere.
The breath taking part is here, the Surface 2 runs on a super-fast NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor along with
2GB of RAM and Quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15 CPU while the GPU includes ULP GeForce (72 cores)

So much of power, just power the beast and go boom boom while travelling to have heads turn in your direction for sure! Along with all this imagine widescreen HD movie viewing that allows you to share on a big screen with HD video out port that has been installed on the tablet!

Lets add the last bit and smoke the Ipad. USB 3.0. to access and process all data with standard USB connection, as well as a the microSD reader. This also allows you to project movies from a USB device to a Big screen via HD Video out port.

The tablet will come pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 8.1 RT along with skydrive for which microsoft with provide 200 GB of storage for 1 year and a 1 year subscription of skype voice calls for free!!
What more do you want, a power packed device with power packed features and an amazing UI!

Join the pre-order now! SURFACE 2

Learn more about Microsoft here

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