Monday, 16 December 2013

Play Station 4 : Level up in Console gaming!

The gaming console upgrades have been slow but huge transformations every time a new one comes. The PS3 was released in 2006, which feels like ages ago, but the console is till fresh in peoples minds. Even the PS2 contributed a lot though the graphics and gameplay is totally awesome now with almost real life experience. The EYE, which allows virtual reality with some drawbacks is a total home entertainment. The PS3 has come a long way in these years with most updates spanning along to keep things working well.

So in the works was the PS4, design, controller , UI experience all at once. The PS3 was not a complete bummer but it had is awkwardness of the controller and a high pricing. The PS4 is well designed, new generation hardware , a good UI, actually way better for developers to program and SONY's best controller ever , hands down.

The PS3 had a large focus on adopting to blu-ray that had to drive users to upgrade specifically, but this time Sony played it as it should, they made a proper GAMING CONSOLE!


 This beautiful piece of hardware is designed to almost perfection, with sharp edges sleek design and the light bar just visible under the angled which indicates the console's status.

The back has an HDMI optical port with no audio or video outputs and has an internal power supply which is such a good thing to hear about because you really don't want it to be lying around the already huge console.

So most of that was the good part , lets hear some of the annoyances which could take a small toll on performance. The PS4 does not contain the ability to support 802.11ac wireless but relies on the previous standard with 802.11b/g/n at a rate of 2.4GHz , yes there is no 5GHz radio too. The PS4 lacks on IR port and logitech's PS3 Bluetooth harmony adapter or the blu-ray remote which was on the PS3.  So it means its pretty much ignoring media based aspirations.

Another heartbreak for users who prefer private module of gaming (Oh! Don't disturb me!) in their own world, with real life feeling of audio. Why did they remove the remove the bluetooth audio support? Is it only me who likes to blast the whole home with screeching tires sounds that wake up neighbors?


So lets get some more disappointment sunken , the PS4 telecasts all audio, yes all audio to the audio/mic on the DualShock 4 controller which has an output jack of 1/8 inch but the drawback being the HDMI audio gets disabled. Oh why!

To do away with all these issues the PS4 actually nails most of the hardware part with its half glossy-matte finish that looks like a new generation blu-ray player rather than a bulky looking video game that is small and powerful, which packs excellent hardware to give the best FPS than consoles in the market.ONE! Not teasing.

The PS4 is very compact and would never be noticed among your other entertainment devices, specially hiding the eye somewhere could be real fun for everyone. The PS4 cannot stand vertically without the vertical stand which does not come with the box package. Well I don't really seem to complain because its manageable while the controllers can charge via USB in standby mode. That is so NOT PS3. Phew!



No doubt, even with all the missing hardware and some disappointments the PS4 controller just takes away all competition. It is the best controller Sony has ever configured for the the console perfectly and now everyone can actually make those hate posts about the DualShock 3 because we needed it till this console came. There were a lot of difficulties with the DualShock 3, including the sticks being too long, close, squisy and ugly.

Well hello beauty, the DualShock 4!

Sony probably realized this too late, like 7 years into the making of the new console and solved all the issues of its predecessor with semi-concave pits designed to keep the thumbs comfortably in place.
One more good thing is the controller is a bit bigger and heavier and makes it feel more gaming type. Yes that weight helps in game sometimes. he extra polish and quality gives a luxury look while the front glow of light is just uniqueness put into one controller. The glow is blue for primary player and changes to secondary color (red) based on the synced users with the console.  Some games can play with the light too by changing its color and to show off the amber charging light which cant be ignored. The DualShock 4 has an improved gyroscopic and accelerometer which is a tremendous improvement from the DualShock 3.

so now about the touchpad, wow that magnificent  piece of hardware onto a gaming console controller! Ease for map scrolling and weapon selections in game. Though it has been poorly adapted by some games offering some lag and slow response but this cant be judged so soon, it could be a software or hardware issue, so lets give it some time, few more updates and games, could unleash the ultimate form this already epic controller.(That glow!)

Lets get into one more shock, wow dualshock sits well as a name, so here goes; the battery lasts for about 7-8 hours and considering 30 hrs on the DualShock 3 this is a bummer and i suggest playing single player games while charging at 2m range when your low on battery because the battery does not have replacements as well.

This is something we see less for a gaming console, but hey it has to be appealing to make sure you can navigate all your stuff well. The console software does't only load your games now but also lets you browse the internet and stream videos(oh walkthroughs!). Thats not it, make friends on the PSN network, stay in touch, game for points, compare and game more. The UI has actually got people to keep themselves glued to the screen forever. Its an evolution of the XMB, I'm still glued to my PSP at times but the PS4's XMB is way faster than the PS3 and lot more.


Small things at a time, you can hit the PlayStation button and the game gets temporarily suspended so that you can make changes to the audio and video without quitting the game. Some speed improvement in the XMB navigation as compared to the predecessor.

One excellent change is the PSN ID that was on the PS3, now u can just download your profile to the PS4 easily which supports improved user switching while a guest feature allows you to download your profile to a friends PS4 and delete it after a logout.Lets make use of that playstation button, oh i miss the start button, but a double tap thingy will switch between background applications and games.
So thats all from PS4 for now, probably a more detailed review with upcoming updates and games with more features.

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